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Pre-Rigged Worms

6" Original Worm
6" Pro Series Worm

4" Beaver Tail Lure

6" Lizard Tail


Swirl Tail Grubs & Hellgrammites

Pre-rigged Worms, Lures and Tackle Packs for Bass Fishing

Original Touchdown Worm

The Original 6" Touchdown Worm
Pre-rigged Fishing Lure

$2.09 each



Recent Customer Comments:

"Tried to buy at Wal-mart, they no longer stock - Their Mistake!" - R.B. 6/17/14

"These lures are BASS KILLERS!" S.F. 4/24/12

"In one day late last summer I caught 104 bass averaging 2.5 lbs in a 240 strip mine lake.
This was confirmed by the 3 other men fishing with me. I was using the purple with red tail
pro series 6" worm. If you quit making this worm I may have to give up bass fishing." - S.D. 4/19/12

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Pre-rigged Fishing Lures

Pre-Rigged Fishing Lures

Naturally Weedless Pre-rigged worms, lizard and beaver tails. Featuring mustad hooks, trylene line and swivel. Includes our famous original worm, pro series, beaver tail and lizard tail.




Guaranteed to Catch Fish!

Our original 6" Touchdown Fishing Lure is guaranteed to catch fish or return the bait and your receipt for your money back!

Hop Rocker Jigs, Willow Tails & Leeches

Tackle Packs & Sinkers

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